Friday, October 08, 2010

The Best Day

Yesterday started off as a normal Thursday at the Rice house. It even stayed normal until about 5:30. The kids and I played inside and outside enjoying the beautiful weather, I did a little laundry, we had lunch, the kids took naps while I worked in the office. Greg got home from work early, which is normal these days since the grass is slowing down and he doesn't have as much to do. Then around 4:30 I was about to head to Walmart to get a few groceries when Greg convinced me to wait til supper time and we'd all go and grab Subway for dinner while there. (That should have been my first clue-- the man hates to grocery shop!) So we went outside to play a while instead. Then around 5:30 when we were just about to load up and go (or so I thought) some friends of ours, Alan and Heather, drove up. I figured they were just dropping by - which has happened once before. Although, I really wanted to say, "Soooooo, why are y'all here?" I was a polite host a graciously welcomed them... wondering, but not saying anything. They convinced us (me) to go get some dinner with them so I ran in my room to change my clothes. THEN, my in-laws showed up and said, "Hey, y'all want to go eat dinner?" I laughed out loud at what a funny coincidence it was... I think I even said, "Wow! People are knocking down our door to take us to dinner tonight!" Yeah, I was born blonde. (And apparently, I was also born yeterday!) So we all loaded up, the kids in the in-laws car, and then I had a brilliant idea. I suggested that we go with our friends somewhere and let the grandparents take the kids somewhere else. I didn't think Greg heard me, but when we turned the wrong direction and left them behind I kinda started freaking out a little inside, wondering where we going. I thought, "Greg is not freaking out, so it must be okay...?" After a few minutes he told me that he had told his parents we were going somewhere else and it was okay. Then when we turned onto Hwy 64, I was realllllly confused, because there are no restaurants on Hwy 64.. There is nothing on Hwy 64! About halfway down I suddenly had an idea, and burst out with "HEY!!!" That's when I thought I had figured it out, but I still wasn't sure. But when Alan turned into the Oil Palace it was confirmed. CHRIS TOMLIN!!!!!!

It was also confirmed at that moment that I can be extremely gullible, my friends are really good actors, and my husband and in-laws are VERY sneaky!!!

My funny husband kept all this a secret from me, for no reason than just for fun! No occasion. But it was SO GREAT! The whole thing was just cool. I mean, seeing Chris Tomlin in concert was beyond amazing!! But not knowing I would get to until I got there -- even better!!!

I have the best friends and family on the planet!


Liz said...

No way! That's so cool!!!!! I'm jealous!

Strange family said...

i'm so happy for you! props to Greg! :)