Thursday, June 19, 2008

We have internet again!!

I never thought I would be so happy to have something of Al Gore's. (You know, when he claimed that he invented the internet? ha. what a doofus!) We are now reconnected to the world of media through internet and cable TV and telephone. Oh and the fax line is there too, although that does not apply to anything I do. Woohootiehoo!!

Happy Birthday to my Awesome Sister! I hope you are out having a great time being 22 today. Drink something fruity for me. Maybe you took the day off work. You should, and tomorrow too. Have a few hours of being a 22 year old kid instead of a 22 year old grownup, because you know you have to go back to being a grownup for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday Wittle!!!

Today Greg took the day off work and we put celing fans up in the bedrooms. It is never easy. As many times as we have put up fans in our various houses, it never gets easier, simpler, or quicker. There is always something. Today's something was that the electric receptacle in the ceiling was too small to fit a brace for a fan, so some rigging had to be done. I had no part in that so I don't know what was eventually done, but it worked. We had the supervision of my dad the electricianguruman and the workhorsemanship of my father-in-law to help giterdun. Another project off the list. That's thing about houses. There is always a project. And they all cost money.

We are about 95% unpacked and have been for a week already. Just the finishing touches like hanging stuff and putting out decorations and lamps left to do. I have spent the last week going through about 20 boxes of baby girl clothes given to us by my aunt (thank you SO much!!) from size newborn to 4T and there were a few things in there up to size 10 even. Carly's closet now is organized with 7 large plastic storage totes of washed, matched, folded and labeled clothes. "Fixed up" is what I would call her clothing situation for the next 3 years.

I would like to close this ambling road of a post by saying just how much we are enjoying this place of our own. It is something to own a beautiful house, but it is something else entirely to own a beautiful house that you can afford. We love this home. It is not big, or fancy, but it is perfect, and clean, and pretty, and in the right place. I can see our family growing closer together here (there isn't enough space to grow apart haha) and our kids growing up and riding their bikes in the driveway and I can imagine us leaving for church from here every week. I can imagine Christmas parties, and playdates, and family meals, and baby showers (for other people!!) and even catching a teenage boy trying to sneak in after his curfew, and a wedding in the backyard.

You know the feeling when you belong somewhere? Well, we belong here.


cast in the name of god, ye not guilty said...

Hey thanks! It turned out ok- I was actually out having drinks when you called me! I told Naeole that you said to drink one for you and he said, get to work then!

melodyann said...

I'm off work the 3rd, 4th and (monday) the 7th. Wooooo!